Our guideline for outgoing mails has been updated along with service resources and terms and conditions of service:

We've reviewed our outgoing mail volume policy and have noticed that it's being used by some clients to send out very large amounts of mail which trigger blacklisting and bounces for other clients.

Our Terms and Conditions have been updated to tighten our sender policy with the aim of improving mail delivery and performance for all clients.

An acceptable volume of mail per domain name is now 200 mails per hour, If more mails than this are sent it will trigger a notification for a manual review of the mail queue and could result in mail being disabled for a domain should we deem this appropriate.

We've seen a steady increase in bulk spam mails from some accounts effecting our IP range reputation and causing additional admin, and support queries form effected clients.

Should you wish to send out larger volumes of mail: here are a few steps to take.

1) Do not send to more than 1 recipient per email ( no cc / bcc )

2) Limit the volume of mails to below 200 per hour, use a mailing program or script to limit this - if you need assistance , let us know and we will advise on a suitable platform.

3) Ensure that the email addresses you send to are legitimately wanting to get your mail, ie they have opted in to receive your newsletter , invitation, notification , invoice etc. Opt-in is the key word here.

4) Do not purchase email lists from online, they contain "honey pots" that will cause your entire accounts mail to fail.

Here's to better mail delivery!

Cathel Tech Support

Saturday, December 29, 2018

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